We creates, promotes and manages eCommerce stores and websites

Approach and Commitment

DigiSolution creates, promotes and manages e-commerce stores and websites, using effective online marketing strategies, updated and adapted to the specific needs of our clients.

Since 2011, our US based company offers website development solutions and systems. We specialize in the implementation of cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency and improve the overall administration and selling processes of online stores.

Our team is composed of highly experienced professionals in every technological area. We have, combined, over 20 years of experience and commitment working under the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Our goal is to effectively promote your products and services on the web to achieve the highest return on of your investment. DigiSolution strives for the best quality of service. We carefully construct your project, paying attention to every detail, so your business may grow with modern and reliable solutions at a reasonable price.

Work Team strength

The advising, planning, and designing of our web pages and virtual stores are based in a close communication with our clients, attending to their specific needs and supported by a team:


We cover a large range of website development areas.


Vast experience in computer technology, systems, processes, and marketing.


Consistently seeking new and improved processes and investing in the education and professional development of our team.


We apply best practices to make your business grow.

See how we work

The process

The satisfaction of our clients involves efficient teamwork, responsibility, and commitment to reaching excellence in all stages development.

The commercial success of our customers and our own is due largely in part to our skill, effort, and experience.

Our refined process of attending to details, working ethically and professionally, ensures the best quality finished product.

Digisolution’s Development Stages


Is the first step to creating your web page and includes:

  • Sitemap: Send us the sitemap, which is all the elements that your web page must have including titles, subtitles, headings, etc. If you do not have a sitemap, don’t worry! Our talented publicists and content specialists will create one for you.
  • Written Content: Send us the text you want in each section. If you would like, our experts will edit the text or write it for you, according to the best advertising practices and with the suitable keywords density to help SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Images: Send us all the pictures, videos, logotype, icons or any other graphic element you would like to use, in a high-quality format. Be sure to have the copyright for such elements.


Based on the sitemap, given by you, and based on the improved text, we will develop the wireframe, the page layout where you will see all the elements placed at each section of your page.

With your suggestions, we will make all the necessary changes until we reach the final result that you must approve.
The step described above is essential to continue with the process.


After approval of the wireframe, we proceed to graphic design. Graphic design is the placing of images, colors, type fonts styles and all the necessary elements to bring you an actual picture of your page.

We will start with the Home page; this will define its visual style and after your final approval, we will continue designing the other pages or sections.

Web layout

Following the approved Mockup, we will proceed to develop the page layout, using all of the earlier defined content and all the products or services information for e-commerce.

We will insert the visual effects, animations and publish the page on a test domain to be reviewed and approved by you.

Tests and final delivery

Once final tests are made, we will publish the page in its definitive domain and move it to the agreed host. For e-commerce, we will install security and encryption certificates and integrate payment platforms and transportation.

Additional services provided include chat, administrative systems integration such as Quickbooks, synchronization with other online sales platforms like e-Bay, Amazon, etc. Tests and adjustments made until we reach your complete satisfaction.


We will apply the basic tasks to make your web page or virtual store appear in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

With your page already posted, we will create SEO or Search Engine Optimization. After that, we will add Meta Description, Keywords and install Google Analytics, among other activities.

From this moment on, with a suitable advertising promotion, your web page will become a reliable communication and selling tool for your products or services.