SEO positioning factors and their importance

First, let’s clarify this point: what is SEO positioning and why is it so important?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which you seek to improve the visibility of a website in organic results of search engines.

Google uses a few parameters (the famous algorithm) to establish the ranking of each internet site; their relevance is given by several elements that should be taken into account if you want to be at the top.

The SEO positioning factors can be internal or external, which are also known as SEO On-page and SEO Off-page and, in general, both practices can affect the natural positioning in search engines.

Internal Factors (On-Page)

They are the elements related to the website that we can directly control and use to give relevance to the site. Regarding these Google prioritizes:

Content: the information on your site must be useful, relevant, original and of quality, that contributes value to the user.

Proper use of keywords: this includes those employed in texts, titles, labels, and images; on the other hand, avoid high keyword density, duplicate content or over-optimization.

Structure: these are technical aspects of site construction, such as page load time, code optimization, URLs, responsive design for mobile devices, usability and domain authority.

External Factors (Off-Page)

These are elements that we can not control directly and are mainly related to:

External links: its right use, that is, the ideal quality and quantity increases the confidence of the site; on the contrary, its misuse can generate Google penalties to the site.

Presence in social networks: the contents shared through social networks increase the authority of the page, increasing the visibility and improving the positioning.

User behavior: This refers to metrics related to user satisfaction, such as the percentage of visits, traffic, rebounds, click-through rate, customer comments, etc.

The Great Promise of President Donald Trump

In the midst of the public uproar that has caused president Donald Trump’s words during his campaign and from his current position, there is a proposal that stands out in particular: “buy American, hire American.”

Accusations like “jobs are being stolen” by non-Americans may have profoundly impacted a section of the population that may be being affected by the lack of employment or opportunities.

Leaving aside the controversy of his statements, his discourse on the “recovery” of the sources of work projects the perspective of a desirable future that would favor the whole labor sector.

If the premise of “buy American” and “hire Americans” actually actualizes, this would mean a unique opportunity to drive sales, and marketing of products, goods, and services within the country.

From the inside in

The impact of this approach would directly point to an increase in commercial activity from the inside to the United States, favoring the development and growth of a vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The United States is one of the most significant exporters and importers in the world of both goods and commercial services. Capturing and operating in a market of these standing could be, besides attractive, highly beneficial.

Faced with this possibility, traders needing for an updated business platform, using the appropriate methods and strategies to promote products, goods or services on demand, becomes evident.

In this sense, technologies for commerce through the Internet (like Ecommerce) can undoubtedly increase the sales, potential clients, and market, as well as promotional abilities of small and medium-sized enterprises.

No matter the size of your business or the temporary circumstances of the economy, promoting your business on the web means being one step ahead on the road to success for your business.



Google Penguin – How does it affect you?

Penguin is the name of an algorithm created by Google.

The most recent update, Penguin 4.0, penalize, in real time, sites with links that comes from low-quality sites, better known as links for hire.
Additionally, Penguin 4.0, reward websites with better-quality inbound link profiles.
This real-time feature allows sites that warranted a penalty for bad links, and then removed, to be forgiven and avoid months for the next refresh to see the effects.
Additionally, Google confirmed that Penguin 4.0, is a filter to capture websites deemed spammy and it is working in all languages.
The last update was made in 2014, Penguin 3.0, affected about 1% of the searches in the US, but now with the multilingual adjustment will be affecting many more sites worldwide.
In Digisolution we advise all our customers to avoid the temptation and build a real link network, which will be a real win-win strategy for their sites and the origin sites.