GOOGLE Advertising

Position your website on search engine results pages through Google Ads campaigns.

More than paid ads

While it’s true that PPC campaigns are proven to be a highly effective strategy for search engine positioning, Search Engine Marketing does a lot more than manage paid ads..

What does Search Engine Marketing (SEM) deal with?

SEM is about increasing ranking and site visibility in search engine results pages by adjusting website content and site architecture, and buying traffic through paid search listings, usually including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

Digisolution SEM specialists have a strong understanding of how search engines rank different pages. As a result, they can provide your company with valuable advice and research-backed methods, conducting original research and keeping up-to-date on new changes to search algorithms and strategies.

So what does SEM do, and what for?

SEM uses statistical software and analytics, looking at website traffic patterns to determine which parts of a page work and which parts need adjustment.

Search engines typically rank pages on their content quality, keyword usage, backlinks, and how many similar sites exist. SEM knowledge help companies determine how SEO, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing will help a company expand its online presence.

SEM allows to:

  • Make a product known on a large scale
  • Compete for face to face with high competitors
  • Fast ROI (if campaigns are optimized)
  • Take targeted traffic to your website

Also, sponsored links are an excellent option to:

  • Promote brand awareness:
    Direct the attention of a target group to your brand fast.
  • Increase sales:
    Run a campaign directly aimed at people who have shown interest in your product or service.
  • Generate leads:
    Develop campaigns for different platforms according to the type of consumer.
Want to connect with the right potential customers when searching for products or services immediately?

Google Advertising offers numerous advantages:

  • Positioning first on Google in the short term enhances your brand image and online presence.
  • A keyword research study to position keywords with which you want to appear in search engines and have ads associated with them.
  • Control your budget by specifying how much you’re willing to spend, setting your maximum cost per click for your keywords, and only paying for clicks.
  • Build campaigns by choosing your target audience: sex, age, place, tastes, and preferences.
  • Drive and generate sustained traffic to your site allowing you to fine-tune your conversion and lead funnels to gain better ROI.
  • Easy measuring of conversions or sales generated from ads.
  • Segmentation: Ad-Targeted Capability limit the audience by location, language, keywords, and device, so your ads appear exclusively to the people who are looking for your products or services.
  • Choose the days of the week, hours, and geographical areas that you want your ads to appear.

DigiSolution specializes in reasonable online solutions by offering a solid SEM personalized strategy for your site.

Because one of Google’s requirements to grow organically through SEO is to pay for Google AdWords, we run ad campaigns specifically designed to attract customers who search for or attract the type of service.

Our in-house team of search marketing strategists takes the expensive guesswork out of paid search with proven expertise, cutting-edge technology, and direct relationships with Google AdWords, Bing Search Marketing, Facebook Ads, and other targeted display networks.