SEO – Search Engines Optimization

Reach top position in search engines by Increasing visibility and traffic to sell more.

Why do I need SEO?

SEO directs 300% more traffic to your website than any other marketing strategy.

With more than 1.2 billion active sites and Google changing its search algorithm more than 500 per year, Search Engine Optimization is vital to be in the top positions of search engines and achieve higher results.

Why make SEO?

93% of Internet users’ activity starts with a search engine.
Between 80 and 90% of people get information on search engines and 93% do it through Google.
89% of users begin a purchase process through a search.
More than 70% of Google users only go up to the first page of results.
58% of users use mobile devices when starting searches.

I’m already on Google, and now what?

The first step is considering search engine requirements, the user’s browsing habits, and an attractive website design.

SEO Plan

  • Evaluation
  • SEO and Keyword study
  • Optimization

By detecting the particular characteristics and needs of your site, our SEO experts will heed more than 200 aspects to get the optimum conditions for clients to find you and to acquire your products or services.

Seek, and ye shall find

If you already have your website and want relevance, SEO will help make your site more functional for search engines and users. Search engine optimization will make it easier for your users to find it and will favorably impact the growth of your business by offering you::

  • Increase of your sales and access to new markets.
  • Increase of the visibility and presence of your brand.
  • Increase of the targeted traffic.
  • Improve of website usability.
  • Fixed and high-performance investment without the need for paid ads.
  • Long-term positioning.
  • Consistent promotion 24-7-365.

Digisolution will provide you with the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and the Return on Investment (ROI) of all your SEO activities.

What DigiSolution’s SEO services include?

  • SEO website analysis
  • Optimization of usability in all versions of the page.
  • Keywords development and optimization.
  • Optimizing Keyword Density in Content.
  • Generation of original content.
  • Indexing and Synchronization improvement in Search Engines.
  • Optimization of images and labels.
  • Improvement in the link system.
  • Meta-information continues update.
  • Robot Optimization.txt.
  • Continuous update of sitemaps: HTML, XML and Images.
  • RL Architecture Optimization.
  • Synchronization with social media.
  • Accessibility improvements.
  • Blogging strategy management.
  • Advanced Mobile Version Optimization.
  • Updating programming codes.
  • Installing security updates.
  • Speed optimization.
  • Backlinks Strategy.
  • Competition analysis and strategy adjustment.
  • Advanced Content Enhancement Consulting.

Ready to be the first?

As experts in SEO, Digisolution offers comprehensive services to ensure the best positioning of your company on the internet. All our works provide quality service and personalized attention. The steps to achieve your SEO goal are:

Website Analysis

SEO continues development and Maintenance

Website Optimization

Note: Website analysis includes Marketing issues. After that, we will be able to quote your site requirements to be fully optimized. Different aspects like pages quantity, products, content generation will be taken into consideration to estimate the final price.