Web Development


What web development differs from web design and why you need it?

Although it is quite common to confuse both terms this distinction is crucial as it can have a profound impact on the proper functioning of your website. How?

Note that:

  • Bad or inappropriate SEO implementation.
  • Incorrect or outdated use of plugins or applications.
  • Chaotic, obsolete design; non-friendly navigation or security breaches issues.

All those are factors that can severely compromise the healthy functioning of your website, will create mistrust and the subsequent leaving of your customers, and like that you’ll be saying goodbye to your possible future conversions!

Everything in its place

If the Graphic design defines the appearance (logo, colors, aesthetic visual) of a web page, the Web Development occupies all the technical part of the site and functionalities.


Web Development bring to life layout using code instead; it will give meaning to the web design by creating the database and programming the features of services contained in the page such as applications, managers of trade electronic, and content, records, etc. that allows the interaction of the site with their users.

But how Web Development will actually help my business?

Nowadays user experience is as important as visual identity so the web development should be thought to interact with end users.

If your goal is to achieve conversions and increase your ROI, it’s imperative to generate attraction by offering what the user needs in a simple and intuitive way, even anticipating their needs.


An efficient web development will help you to:

  • Customize website according to your needs and expectations.
  • Structure and present your content in an intelligent, appealing way to attract more potential customers.
  • Implement correct SEO to ensure the best positioning on search engines.
  • Provide updated technology to Increase the visibility and competitiveness of your internet business.
  • Create web-based applications, records, content management systems, social network services, and electronic transactions to help sales processes.
  • Support the digital marketing strategy for your products and services to see genuine ROI.