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Reasons why small businesses do not have a website?

A 2017 small business marketing survey showed that 29% of small business don’t have a website. The reasons?:

  • They use social media instead of a website
  • They don’t have the time or technical knowledge
  • Not relevant to their business or marketing activities
  • No financial resources

Consider the following:

  • 96% of Americans aged 18-49 are on the internet (almost everyone!).
  • 54% of online buyers and 39% of in-store buyers read online reviews before purchase.
  • 96% of customers will opt your competitors if you aren´t found on the internet.

Would you like to:

  • Engage more customers?
  • Get quality leads resulting in the overall growth of your business?
  • Have an online presence of your brand and ahead of your competitors?
  • Market your business efficiently and affordable?
  • Reach more potential consumers in larger and different niches?

If you answer affirmatively to two or more of these propositions, it’s time to stop losing out a great opportunity to expand your business.

Just imagine what a website can provide you:
  • Gain Credibility:
    home-based business may increase revenue by reaching reach; If they are not able to provide legitimacy by establishing online presence.
  • Generate more sale:
    websites are accessible 24/7/365 which means you’ll always be there for your customers.
  • Marketing:
    There are a wide range of marketing strategies -even low cost techniques- have been proven to be effective.

Having a website will be the first step to help your customers to find you and get what they are looking for more quickly while saving you time, effort and money to promote your business.

Comparative Table of Websites
Features Informative eCommerce Development
Platform WordPress WordPress / Magento WordPress / Magento / Symfony /
PHP / CSS3  / Apache / HTML5
Layout Landing Page
Single screen
Modular pages
Modular Pages Modular Pages
Design Templates or Custom made Templates or Custom made Custom made
Hosting Standard VPS Virtual Private Server VPS Virtual Private Server
Plugin, extension, add-ons Yes Yes No
SEO optimization Yes Yes Yes
Updates Yes, by the platform Yes, by the platform Yes, by Digisolution
Content management Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Webmaster tools Yes Yes Yes
SSL Non required Yes Yes
Digisolution websites

The design of your informative, business, professional or online store website for your company or business, is to get to your desired target customers.

Designs adapted to Smartphone and Tablets.

We focus on the total experience rather than just the mechanics of the informative website or online store. The customer’s interaction with the service is what eventually makes or breaks your business.

We start off by reviewing your organization’s legacy processes, assets, and requirements. We follow that up by developing a budget that is strategic and results orientated.

Full range of web applications to your website, such as an online store design and development, social media, a custom extension, content management system or anything you can imagine!

Management of various programming languages, application, and administration of databases, traffic of visits, servers, and hosting activity, sitemap and search engine optimization (SEO).


Website Services

Domain management
Professional optimization
One-hour of updates monthly
Business email addresses
Website monitoring

Website Features

SEO-friendly (HTML, CSS)
Built for speed & conversion
Social media integration
Contact form (appt/quote request)
Photo slideshow
Google Analytics reporting
Google Maps integration
Image edits, royalty-free images
Third parties integration